Anne Aguilera

Martha is wonderful. When we wanted to look for a condo for our son, a friend recommended Martha to us and boy, did she deliver! She found just the right kind of apartments we were looking for and knew all about the building and was able to guide us to places that were better matches to our needs. Unfortunately, we had the worse experience with our mortgage company and anything and everything that could go wrong, did. Yet Martha was there every step of the way, helping to nudge the company in the right direction, keeping them on task, assisting us when the appraisal came back $37K less than the sales price, locating a great title company whose owner was able to negotiate the outstanding liens we found out about less than a week before closing, etc. It was a nightmare. But Martha helped us through it all, always smiling, never complaining. We will definitely seek out Martha for our future selling/buying needs in the real estate market. 10/10!!!!

Whit Ayres

My wife and I recently used Martha Floyd as the realtor for the successful sale our condominium in Crystal City. I say "recently" because Martha is the only realtor I have used since she helped us buy a home in 2003 when we moved to northern Virginia. Simply put, Martha is the single best realtor I have ever worked with in my life. Martha begins the real estate process by listening--carefully and attentively--to what you want, or at least what you think you want. She truly is an amazing listener. She is also wise enough to understand that your needs and desires can change once you become more familiar with a region, the market, and the offerings available. But she lets you discover that on your own, rather than imposing her views of what she thinks you need on you. Martha is like a dog with a bone--she won't let go, she won't give up--she'll find a way to make it happen. When you get frustrated or dejected, she doesn't lose her cool, even when you do. She makes your rants and frustrations seem so reasonable, so understandable. And then she keeps right on trucking. Through sheer persistence she will get your transaction completed. When you are buying a home, Martha sticks strictly to the price range you tell her you can afford. Many realtors try to upsell clients and show them properties outside of their price range to entice them into a larger sale, but Martha never does that. If you are selling your home, Martha will make suggestions about an appropriate price, but if you insist on a different price she will go with that, at least for the initial offering. Martha stays in close contact with you during the sales process, constantly providing updates and additional information that will help a client make a good decision. With Martha, you never have the slightest doubt about where her loyalty lies. She is truly committed to advancing the interests of her client to the best of her ability. She is a superb realtor, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

A. Williams

We have worked with Martha for over 25 years and have bought and sold with Martha by our side. She is a superb agent and on top of that is a wonderful person with a great sense of humor. Martha is a dear friend and we would never consider making a move without her!

Jeanne Argoff

Like any good realtor, Martha Floyd expertly applied her knowledge of pricing and the local market to ensure the best possible outcome. However, she goes far beyond the technical aspects of the real estate business, and that is what we think places her in a special category. We had to make our cross-country move before the house was sold but felt very comfortable leaving the house and the final sale and settlement formalities in her capable hands. She is a gem!

Charles Hawley and Shannon Maguire

Nov 2, 2015

Excellent - responsive, knowledgeable, supportive, superior in her overall service...Martha and McEnearney met and exceeded our expectations!

Travis and Sarah Clark

Nov 25, 2015

Martha helped us submit our offer at midnight - walked us through the process and answered all of our questions - we felt this was above and beyond!

Tyler and Kathryn Gall

Feb 25, 2015

10 out of 10! Martha was extremely helpful and answered all of our questions. She explained everything very clearly and took care of us from start to finish. Very smooth transaction.

Robert Williams and Lisa Boccetti

May 12, 2015

Clone Martha! Seriously, it was an excellent experience. It is a tribute to Martha that she was able to make an inherently stressful transaction a pleasure!

Robert Herrick and Jana Tillinger

Martha was supportive, provided effective and timely communications and used a very efficient process for keeping us on track. She took all the drama out of buying a house and made it a pleasant experience!

Clarice Lelle

Absolutely impeccable. Professional, personable, and reliable. Very informative, knowledgeable and approachable. It made buying a house easier than I ever thought it could be.

Michael and Ghislaine Tulou

Martha Floyd is an experienced, knowledgeable and professional real estate agent. She helped to delineate a plan of action to get a fair price on our unique home. She is direct in her communication, explains clearly the “comparable listings” and the market trends.

Paul and Joan Kozar

Martha is extraordinary! The brochures, advertising and staging were really excellent. The brochure was almost art and the photography really accented the home.

Emma Van Hook

Martha was a tremendous partner and guide as I navigated through this process as a first-time home buyer. Her knowledge and expertise was so helpful and it was a pleasure working with her.

Shannon Maguire

Martha is efficient, responsive, and knows her stuff! Our family has bought and sold quite a few houses with her and have recommended her to friends. Highly qualified!